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 Marsha Shaw   2018-06-14 22:33:09 

Love your work!!!
 Kim Thoman   2014-10-26 18:50:19 

Nice talking, today, in the gallery on Sandy's closing day. I'm going to love owning his print.

 Uncle joe   2013-02-16 19:48:44 

I agree with LeighAnn
This is great stuff....keep it go'n man.

 MOLLY SCHEINMAN!   2009-09-07 19:14:34 

 LeighAnn   2009-06-17 16:53:47 

Love your website! I wish I could have one of everything, actually more color for me. Can't wait to see you two again, hope things are doing well for you!!! Got your article on Wiley, read it and I was just taken back amazing man. Then talk to your mom and she filled me in more about Wiley and how you knew him. It sounded very cool!

from Boston
 LaMonica   2008-07-23 11:20:09 

Beautiful website!  I cannot wait to see your work in person.  Keep me posted on the next event.
 "untitled"   2008-07-20 21:39:46 

It has been a joy to look though your on-line portfolio surrounded by candles and a strong wind here in the valley.  Cheers from the collective unconscious!
 d0ub1ea   2008-07-11 08:26:44 

You've got some amazing art work up here bro.  I love some of you more recent pieces, especially the colors. I'm glad that you finally got a website to show case you work. Now the whole world can enjoy it as much as we do =)  
 Double D   2008-06-08 22:00:49 

Great work buddy.  Can't wait to golf with you and hang out in a few weeks.  
 inga   2008-03-21 07:49:52 

Kavita just showed me your stuff.  I love it! Especially the wood block prints.....    
 Joseph Bansuelo   2008-03-13 17:16:58 

nice meeting you and talking to you at your opening at lucky juju last friday nite. i posted a few of the detail pix i took from the hanging on wednesday and the friday opening on flickr. (i hope thats cool? if not... i will take them down a.s.a.p.) i was so stoked on the dragons and shooting stars that i had to buy it! thanks again. -seph
 A. Agarwal   2008-01-01 17:19:46 

All of your work is really impressive.  We have really enjoyed having your oil painting in our home.  It has such wonderful light, our guests are always drawn to admire your art.

We also admire your prints. Each is a lovely piece that is both uniquely composed and beautifully rendered.  Each is one of a kind and we want to thank you for making your rich imagination available to others.
 Kavita   2007-10-02 07:42:11 

Your art is fantastic! I especially love your colorful white line block prints and surrealist paintings. I look forward to seeing more of your work in gallery shows and exhibits.

Keep up the good work!
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