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Mid 90's to 2003

Gary's block printing technique and aesthetic favors the tradition of the Japanese woodblock artists such as Hiroshige and brings much of the same simple beauty, emphasis on strong composition, and flatness in to his woodblock prints. Some of the earlier blocks were patiently hand carved from 3 months to 2 years, then meticulously hand-printed and hand-signed.  

Gary's surrealistic vision is inescapable.
"I put myself into a lot of my art because it is the way I express my feelings in a tangible way; through the images I create, the viewer can exactly see how I feel when I look at my world.

During this time, I created fantastic imagery, combining multiple ideas and symbols. They were fanciful and dreamlike; and most of images were based in my dreams. The subject of the work doesn't have to make literal sense; it is representational.

Some of my favorite prints are about the harmony of the image and balance of the lines."

The intertwining of man and nature was a central element throughout much of Gary's work. "The birds, snails, mushrooms, and butterflies in my woodblocks represent something I felt artists miss: for example, they go out and paint a landscape but they miss the ants, the birds, the snails, the essential details. They edit out these elements of nature and I put them in."

Conceptualization to Completion

Gary is always thinking about creating art, during TV commercials, driving to and from work, while sitting at a boring dinner party, while on vacation, sleeping, etc. He can always be seen carrying around a sketch book, colored pencils and pens almost anywhere he goes. On average, Gary fills an entire sketch book every year and currently has a staggering number of finished sketches waiting to painted or carved.

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